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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello. Yes, I continue to be Up In Arms... "Up In Arms" is the title of Danny Kaye's first film, and probably the only time his manic energy was matched/tempered/balanced by a uniquely musical female lead, Dinah Shore.

Look, I've been dealing with pressure from work and the apartment and all I ask Dick Parsons to provide for my 144 dollar a month cable bill on the rare occasion when I would sit down for more than an hour and relax and actually watch something worth watching coming from the premium digital cable television, is that his cable provide an uninterrupted digital stream broadcast, not this jamming and scrambling of random stills and missynched sound that Turner Classic Movie Station broadcasted last night from 8PM to 9:30....

Manic Depressive Pictures Presents
"Hello, Fresno. Goodbye!"
Produced by Manic
Directed by Depressive
And hopelessly jumbled by Time Warner Cable's premium digital television stream.

As for the increasing homogeneity of media content, gentle readers, please, another time...

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