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Thursday, January 17, 2002

Heroes is Marvel comics contribution to the World Trade Center Disastor Relief Fund, the Twin Towers Fund, and the comic may even mention the idea of someone organizing an auction of the original drawings. Thanks to Mr. Kay, (first name?) the auction took place this evening at Club 101 at 101 Park Avenue. I piled four country's food atop a plate and took my seat by Coleen Delaney and there I remet my friend, John Sturner, who has moved from his DuRona studios (he made children's comercials in the Yonkers terrytoons studio) into collecting, and his collecting includes comics. The auction was beautifully conducted by filmmaker Kevin Smith who bid against the audience for the last piece and went home with it, THEY DIDN'T EVEN give him a bag, actually there were bags there, he was just carrying it out to show people its splendor. It's of a firefighter appearing out of the carnage THANK YOU to save us (The artist is Brian Stelfreeze). You may know Kevin's alter ego, Silent Bob, who conducted the silent auction, one of the items there being a Mercedes Mountain Bike. I wonder who got that.