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Thursday, May 16, 2002

Publication Notice: A new AntiFolk MagaZine centering around SideWalk artists who also play the RaVen is now available. What was formerly called AntiMatters is now AU Base and its editor in chief is none other than the amazing Patsy Grace.

By the way, regarding Rick Shapiro, like Lach says, he's "The Only Comedian That Matters."

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Sometimes I feel sad and dissolute, in a state of suspension.

Anu cut my hair last night. She did so in gratitude for the Anu Hair Graduation pages at

My hair looks good!

Then I attended the SideWalk performances of Toby Goodshank and Kimya Dawson. Theirs is a style in stark contrast to the antifolk history of histrionics (a subchapter). The intensity remains. The delusion of a relaxation aura permeates. They are acting like wheel cogs performing their assigned function. They are highly observable. They are honest and confrontational and yet pleasing to the eye. Their material is outrageously humorous. I will take them up on their performance suggestions, I who was always the piano pounder, singing above my natural register... A parallel to their progression (Through "Hammel on Trial" into "Major Matt Mason, USA") may be traced in the performance of Hoagy Carmichael. He seemed to get slower, from the bix band days into the lazy river days. He didn't deintensify his performance, he only made it sound like he did.

I ran into Rick Shapiro. He had read something I wrote about him that I think you will find in these archives, around July 2001. It was a wonderful moment to see him look back at me with some inkling of recognition.