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Monday, August 26, 2002

Oh, one of songs is downloadable at
This post appeared on the Olive Juice Message Board regarding the new Olive Juice Call it What You Want, This is Antifolk Compilation and three songs that appear on it.

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Re: Hurt me! Please!!!!!
Posted by Peter Dizozza Annonymous on 8/19/2002, 5:40 pm , in reply to "Hurt me! Please!!!!!"

Thank you for recording, mixing and mastering such a wonderfully varied and legendary compilation. The layout is clear and easy to follow and it's full of interesting sounds.
Oops, what about being a cryptic wiseass? OK, that's easy, I mean,

Why is your song on it so apocalyptic? Who could guess that we marry to be free and that if we find ourselves we'll be enslaved worse than ever? Thanks. It is consoling, though, to know that the world itself is not actually falling apart.

It sounds good saying it, but can someone please identify "the ####." How can we get it out of "my town" if we don't know what it is?

Onto another topic. Ignorant about the origin of pretzels, which I ate just the other day, I asked that special someone who said, and I paraphrase:

Ballentine Monks rewarded prayer novitiates with pretzels. See them praying with their arms crossed over their chests? That baker's treat really took off, yes?

Swastikas, on the other hand must have been an ancient sanskrit symbol out of India because Kipling used the swastika symbol on the cover of his 1902 book, Kim. In the 1930s, Nazis revived and reversed the design, turning it into their symbol.

Thus, unlike monks with the pretzel and its combos*, nazis poisoned the market for baked swastikas and combos like the mozerella swastika. Yours truly,
General Foods.

* Combos are pretzel bits stuffed with cheddar. The proper spelling for the title of Adam Green's song is "mozzarella swastika."