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Friday, July 20, 2001

Well, that's done, the Examination Under Oath proceeds.

As it's been since 1999, this time of year is Tompkins Square Park Folk Festival Time. (It's also Nutmeg Festival Time in Ridgefield)

Specifically, Summer AntiFolk Fest 2001 commences on the 28th, and during the afternoon of the 29th, the many performers come out to play at the former bandshell area. That's something to look forward to, our own little Woodstock.

Woodstock established everyone who played there, even people who were there, EVEN FANTUZZI!

Country Joe and the Fish, Canned Heat, Hendricks, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Stills Nash, Arlo Guthrie, The Who played there too, and ShaNaNa anticipating the return 50's. why do I know this? "I will not support a concert that benefits drug peddlers," well, that's quite a position. What's that Spell, FUCK! I'm a farmer. Don't touch my bags if you please. A triple album. Naked in the mud.

OK, it got me dreamin'. I wanted to be like them.

David Bowie, OK, he got me dreamin'. I wanted to be like him.

Anybody who gives you the space to make up your own stories, thank you!

The EUO is complete.

This year's Woodstock, at Tomkins Square Park in the EAST VILLAGE, Sunday Afternoon, July 29th.
I am happy and grateful for the wonderful people in my life.

Now to assist an examination under oath for one of our motor vehicle accident victim clients, a taxi driver with the last name Singh.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Off to Dave of Dave's Place's Place at the Manhattan Cable Studios, in 20 hours or so, to present the Debra Wakefield Mike Perazzetti video of Prepare to Meet Your Maker, cueing up the best scenes, from the many copies awaiting purchase. What a cast! Amy-Jo Mikiel, Laurel Hoffman, Tony Hightower, Kimberly Mossel, Meghan Elizabeth Burns, Drew Blood, Lisa Shred, Linda Kobylinski, John Kessel. What a band, with Kessel on Bass, Brian Wayne on percussion and Music Director Kenny Davidsen at the piano. It will only become more amazing an assembly with the passage of time. How to speak coherently about such an unspeakable project? That which must never be spoken aloud is spoken the loudest, "Do you hear me, my Cementeria?"

Sunday, July 15, 2001

It was a beautiful morning. We awakened at 5:30. These are prime hours we often miss. Thank you Keyspan for giving us a reason to get out. Jerzey Kosinski, who killed himself three times over just to be sure, used to split his days in two, sleeping in the mid day to enjoy the best times, early morning and late night. Well, sleep deprivation is the secret cause of all mental disturbance, and I'm well on my way to schizophrenic depression. I am ready to renegotiate although I have yet to successfully flex the netherworld of sleepytime!