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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

I went to a private cardiologist for a check-up, 'cause since age 13 I've had an arrhytmia named after Woff, Parkinson & White. That misshapen ekg beat permits a short circuit within the heart so that a rapid mini beat occurs. During these palpitations, the blood circulates minimally; I'm sure it's much easier for the heart to enter into this little selfish beat, it's just that the rest of the body doesn't get the blood. The heart contains within itself the blood as it (merrily?) beats 240 the minute.

This is an old odd story to me, and, amidst the lessons we are learning daily, consider the following.

After a prescription renewal mix-up on the part of the (inefficiently run?) office of Dr. Mayer Ballas, in Forest Hills, renewing one prescription and not the other, and as a result of it, Dr. Ballas refused to speak with me, rejected his doctor patient relationship and withdrew as my doctor when I attempted to make an appointment with him.

He has been my doctor for 25 years.

His behaviour has impressed me. I forgive him on both a professional and personal level.

So I saw another cardiologist. One of the medications really doesn't need to be renewed. It causes arrhytmia. It's called Quinaglute. I've stopped taking it.

Once again, my only ailments are mental.

The Park Fests are progressing well.

Progress... My creative work exists under the name, Cinema VII, simply because it is exists apart from me, contained within a preserved medium. I am the source, yet I see myself as not always the source. In fact, I want my work to exist apart from me so that I can move on. I love the technology that permits us to be regenerated. Is there something missing in the regeneration?

I preserve what I've done and move on. Forgetting what we learned we keep learning.

Merce Cunningham, 50 Years of Forward Motion...
What a stupid post from July 11th! Regarding one's financial decisions, if I sold then the money I would have received would be 7,500 more than now. Oh, Roberta just brought in an email regarding bottle deposit return on Budweiser. A thousand dollar investment would have returned a coupl'a'hunerd.

What else is new, please?