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Monday, October 21, 2002

I'm typing in the words of Beck Hansen which appear on my Visor.
"I don't want to be in a situation like some of these musicians who might as well not have a front door -- anybody can walk in and see everything. I'm about making art and music and performing. I'm not a big believer in the everything's-on-the-table philosphy. I don't understand these people who overexpose themselves. What kind of a life is that?" uh.

"I'm about making art and music and performing" is a good reminder for one's life purpose. Is it in answer to the question, Who are you? No, it answers, "What are you about?" About face!

Right now, my life is about playing piano and teaching everyone their singing parts for Salad Days!

This is while other things go on about me.

By the way, I lost all CD burner capabilities by downloading Windows Media Player Beta 9x...

And why doesn't timewarnercable carry the UN channel (78 in Manhattan)?