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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Finally, a new post to put into the past the CD burner problem. However, this post is a followup to a post of the past regarding "two in one through the subway turnstyle." I think it was Abbey Hoffman in Steal This Book who first suggested it and I referred to it as common practice by John and Sally in the novel, The Resurrection.

Maki is 8 months pregnant. She went with her husband together through the turnstyles, and, as it was their second offense, they were HANDCUFFED AND TAKEN TO PRISON. Members of the New York City Police Department kept her safely off the streets and in jail for over three hours. Her husband was in jail for nearly 24 hours. Dear Members of the New York City Police Department, does it help jaywalkers to run over them for crossing the street against a red light?

My 8/19/2001 post includes, deep within it, my two-in-one-turnstyle experience.

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