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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Once Upon a Time suggests the beginning of a fairy tale.  The emotions rise because what we would like to see happen to the evildoers gives us the same thrill they would have had if they achieved what they were setting out to do.

That's the issue I will endeavor to consider.  Thanks to their intents we dole out to them (the evil thrill seakers?) their just deserts and we can do so with the same thrill and with righteous impunity.

This considers the thrill of violence, including its only thrilling aspect, as far as I know, because of my general recommendation against it.

Since we are pushed into a violent response, we may as well enjoy it.  That's to be said for all activities.

We may as well enjoy what we do.

There's so much I want to do that I take on 100 and accomplish 10...

or is it that I'm seeking a quick achievement of a combination of what I want to do and what I have to do?

Enough of the above for now, I return to the benefits of enjoying what we have to do.

Now that I began the first paragraph of this essay there's a personal obligation to expand upon it for the bigger issue, which is the thrill of righteousness in violence and my recommendation against that

My ever refocusing love for movies continually returns me to the perfectionist cinema of Film Professor Tarrantino, so I'm constantly confronting righteous violence toward various somewhat clearly drawn characters, both male and (especially) female.

Here we are, dying on the bed together, commenting, "That was a good hanging."  The end.   

The violence is creative enough but is it blatant enough, blatantly exploiting the basest emotions of the passive observer?   (answer:  yes.)

The end.