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Friday, November 16, 2001

I need to be hit over the head and thanks to Kimya Dawson we were there where we should be, in the audience for Moldy Peaches and THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS at Town Hall, November 16, 2001. Moldy Peaches have established a wonderful collection of songs, particularly exceptional being their singing together slightly different lyrics to their rock solid song structures. They resonate something in the depths of my soul, because my childhood concerns focussed upon the great substitute for competetive sports, SEX! Let the other kids play hockey, I want to play with girls. I'm still in an impossibly yearning search mode and I'll tell you, if I find anything interesting. Oh, all right, it's the hermaphrodite newsgroup, worth a visit while you're downloading porn with Dave-O.

Adam and Kimya present a beautiful picture up there, and made a beautiful sound with their voices and Adams guitar, a duo to anticipate the talented duo they preceeded...

They Might be Giants, with George C. Scott, was on TV one evening; what a spectacular film! I felt, at the end, that it was the best movie I had ever seen and I didn't recall having that much fun since Dr. Strangelove. The imdb indicates 1971 was the year. It must have been broadcast a few years later. I do remember something about a scene in the supermarket. It's worth a second look. Steve Espinola said that's where the band got its name.

Oh, I see, The Four Lads, peak Billboard position # 10 in 1953, -Words by Jimmy Kennedy and Music by Nat Simon. I thought it was a song from a Broadway musical. I'm referring to Istanbul not Constantinople, a song popular during the Korean war, brilliantly performed by the charming duo. What else do they sing about? If they're not glorifying being hit by a meat truck to the tune or feel of Bacharach, they're singing about Evil to the tune of Goldfinger... It's all about the music. Their music is fun! I also heard mee mow mow, mama mee mowma mow mama...

Boy, you can find anything on the net. Well, there's a song I liked on their album, John Henry. A Self Called Nowhere is what it's called. I keep remembering that in listening to it I felt like I was sitting on a chair that's suddenly kicked down the stairs.

They Might Be Giants is a musical package of tremendous intelligence and talent.

The evening was phenomenal and confrontational, and while I'm sitting here, Tony's at the couch snuggling with Kim watching the sepia part of the film I checked out from the library, it was the library that introduced me to They Might Be Giants, and the film is Sea Hawk... NOW WHAT?

Monday, November 12, 2001

>From: Kitty Blue
>Subject: more kitty
>Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 01:53:46 -0800 (PST)
>Kitty Blue continues her adventures in Northern California assisted by the
>narration and musical composition of multi talented J Greco. In addition
>to Mr. Greco, a song has been provided by Broadway's own Peter Dizozzus.
>Meet Kitty's new love interest and listen to the sweet strains of
>soon-to-be showtune:
>Thanks for watching!