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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Movie making consists of capturing and communicating an experience not otherwise safely available to our senses, at least not in this lifetime. One such experience is a visit to Vegas.

Vegas is infinitely trashable.

I've never been to Vegas, and movies that use it as a backdrop lessen my desire to visit... Bugsy, The Godfather Part II, Casino, Leaving Las Vegas, the Tristan Isolde segment of Aria, Oceans 11, and The Cooler. Any others?

Yet Vegas inspires a degree of greatness in those films.

Monday, August 22, 2005

As he does most every day Jackie Mason on August 18th, 2005 presented himself on the Broadway stage, making observations and asking people, challenging them with the question, "Do you understand this?"

Thanks to an attorney friend at 13th Street Rep, I finally saw Jackie Mason.

I wanted his take on current events, and will probably get that by tuning into his comcast radio show. My favorite observation was a pure joke about job discrimination and fat people... fat people can't get a job. Fat people are starving to death. Do you understand this?

He criticises to improve. Would he if he didn't care? No. He loves this country.

He uses dirty words because he recognized the audience was comprised of a lower class of people.

Change the station if the abusive words offend.

For those of you no longer satisfied with verbal abuse, consider a friend who attended a warrior workshop at the Catskills Nevely and came back with a limp and a bandaged knee.

It was a workshop where martial arts experts (physical, versus verbal, comedians) suprise-attacked and hospitalized many.

Now THAT's abuse.

As for those of you prefering the beauty of the ethereal, listen to Jackie Mason's singing voice...