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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Notes on visit today to The Explorers Club, in the Lowell Thomas city home... his Putnam County home is now the Quaker Hill Golf Club. Casey and Jared explained that limestone helps create coral reefs and caves. Various names given to the places they visited in China are Karst Sun Men Hai Sye-Feng Shan Geo Park and Guangxi. Chana financed their trip to enter the dry caves of that region to discover underwater caves coneccting the Three Door Sea, which are a series of sink holes. There are many of them and Casey and Jared mapped the caves connecting them by scuba diving throught them, as many as 300 feet below the surface of the water. They knotted a line off a dotted reel to navigate. They used fun looking underwater propeller motors. They used surface marker buoys. They went from two sink holes and eventually met in the middle.
Then Leonard Sonnenschein of reviewed the various prophecies leading toward December 21, 2012, more to engage us in conversation. His slides identified Dabbah al-Arel as a creature from the earth, said in the Koran to be coming soon. Cyrus is predicted in Isaiah. A big yuga, a Mahayuga, is on the horizon. Yanchian Mayan, December 21, 2012 11:11 AM a strong man will sieze the city. In the Mayan culture near Honduras people played sports but the victor's head was chopped off. Iben Browning, Joseph Smith and Riald Cizik help predict. Maimonedes recomends a calm and joyous constitution. Fish markets have been mutating allowing cod to repopulate... We went from cod to orange roughy to sea bass to tilapia.... to branzzini? anyway, I don't enjoy eating cod. There was some major misstatement about the preservation of rain forests in Brazil, anyone with money is able to buy out the tribes and the government is unable to monitor Amazon activity. Thank you Kim for finding this event!