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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Saw your epoch there that you posted with Mr. DiMaio; just curious as to what year that night have been and what kind of camera you were using at the time ?

the 2 minute close to the edge epoch?... there's obviously a third person there... who? based on the zoom and the over-exposure I'm sure the super 8mm film cartridge went through an eumig film-o-sound... (send the cassette tape in with developing) had a zoom lens and auto exposure that needed a battery...I have less than zero recollection of this... there is no editing, no film reversing, it runs as shot... I added two stills, slowed down two shots, added titles and added a song by a friend who passed away on the subway tracks...the film runs through as shot... I'm going to suggest here a set of dogma rules on these movie recoveries...

Dogma Rules on Digital Film Transfers:
Allow the movie to play back sequentially, as it rolls out of the film reel.
Do not remove any segments.(Yes to removing white stills that are the result of the camera shutter remaining open at rest.)
Yes, add titles, captions, narration, music.
Yes, freeze frames
Yes, adjust speed of frames per second.
Good luck recovering the cassette tapes that recorded sound during filming.