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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I was entirely engaged by a work in progress last night, a reading of "Ribbons" at Theater for the New City. This play is a fantastic ensemble piece of naturalistic interaction and bonding occurring under a perfect absurdist catch-all for disabilities. It builds to a rioutous comedic sequence, and continues from that to show the joy of people allowing themselves to connect with one another.

Then I joined Bob for dinner at the Frank restaurant. Earlier that evening Bob had marked a cel phone message for me as urgent because my myspace icon wasn't loading. I hope I was able to transfer to that dinner meeting a fraction of the glow I gained from attending the reading.

Welcome to Haiti! The most generic bit of information I have to relate is that before falling asleep at 11:30 I watched a 1/2 hour of a dvd on my computer of a 1932 independent film called "White Zombie." Waking up at 4:30, I saw the other 45 minutes. Bela Lugosi makes a familiar appearance...familiar if you've seen Robert DeNero play horror.

This achievement of masterful filmmaking probably required the minimalism of its budget.

One scene of dialogue runs 5 minutes without a cut, even when the Dr. character fumbles a line.

The matt montages are awe-inspiring.

The ocean cliffs, the castle, the piano room, are spectactular.

Three soundtracks run concurrent throughout the film.
One: The synched dialogue.
Two: The continuous music, percussion, chanting or crickets.
Three: the synched sound effects.

And it's the first Zombie film!