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Thursday, August 09, 2001

I love to shape reality, and the easiest most harmless way to do so is through film and sound editing. We stop and start and I get to edit out the breaks and piece together the sequence. It's like knitting something seemless from string fragments, although knitting is harder. Fifteen years ago I spent considerable time independently editing film. The computer has again made this activity possible.

Monday, August 06, 2001

Candlewood Isle is situated on a manmade lake, lake Candlewood; it was a mountain peak and since 1926 it's the tip of the berg, a long strip, thin on the South end and fat at the elbow where Lake Drive North makes a 90 degree curve. It looks like a long wedge and we're in the middle if you consider where it balances. The long south end is very thin. I was so happy when we began going there, which was since I was what, 8? Candlewood Isle has an otherworldly quality where anything is possible. We went by boat from the beach to an undeveloped inlet to film the wackyland portion of The Last Dodo on August 4th.