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Saturday, November 24, 2001

Lunchin' consists of Allen Brock (amplified acoustic guitar) and Sanjay Kaul (djembe). They played at CB's Gallery on Friday, November 23rd, the day after Thanksgiving. They make an incredibly beautiful sound.

I played at Sidewalk on November 21st and will next play there on December 12th at 8. I was happy to precede Linda Draper (Snow White Trash Girl) who was at her best!

On Thursday at my parents house we met Ronnie Rogers, a man responsible for some hits by Kid Creole and the Coconuts.

This evening (Saturday) we saw the Breughel exhibit of etchings and drawings at the Met Museum of Art. We learned the following:

The wise fools recognize the folly in themselves, embracing Erasmus' idea that self-knowledge is the key to overcoming moral failings.

If Mopsus can marry Nisa then ANYTHING can happen.

Searching for worldly goods and self knowledge among the piles of merchandise is the folly of everyman, who, by the way, rules the world. The Connoisseur with glasses and pouch tightly clasped cannot trust his eyes. He needs spectacles to see.

Labotomy through the ages. He has been to the mill means he is insane. He needs the stone operation performed by the witch of Mallegem. REMOVE the stone.

Ishmael is the product of Hagar, the banished; Isaac, the product of Sarah, the wife.
Abraham's the father of both... God said to Abraham, "kill me a son." There is apparently dispute over which was the one?

In the painting, an angel saves Ishmael and Hagar. Follow the geneology.