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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Spike Lee re-earns his reputation as a filmmaker with his short subject, "We Wuz Robbed," a spectacular construct of interviews/portraits and photos. I was most affected, previously, by his biography of Malcom X, a man who, during my schooling which embraced Martin Luther King, simply did not exist. The depiction of Muslim rigor in contrast to the post slavery malaise was inspiring and disturbing, as is any facist neatening and ordering in our lives. I also enjoyed a scene, a descent into a crack building, from one of his films, was it the Malcom X one? using Stevie Wonder's Living for the Ci-tay... Uh, actually Stevie Wonder (remember Gangster's Paradise?) is simply too great a composer not to enhance anything that draws upon his source material...

Definitely NOT Bush, yet neither Gore, nor Lieberman, really wanted to win. They were conceding. They were forced to put on an opposition. Lieberman likes Connecticut. Gore enjoys writing knowingly about subjects he wants to learn more about. With unfinished business, continuity is important, referring to the son of a former president becoming president in time to strengthen his family's oil business. We Wuz Robbed discusses events from a few days prior to the election up until the US Supreme Court denial. One is left simply flabergasted anew.

The Palestinian film, Divine Intervention, was at least moderately budgeted. I asked, were those real border checkpoints? No, he built them within Jerusalem. "Oh my, what am I doing in Hizballah?" asked some tourists who drove upon the set. Mr. Pena's description in the program defines the film as "a provication, but one rooted in a reasoned expectation of both justice and peace." Upon seeing the film I ask, what is going on there? and want to issue a blanket apology.

With the pit and the pendulum, bullies victimize, and enoble-ize and enable-ize.
And have uncentered everything else.
Ah, and now I have centered the little button.
Oh my, can you imagine. I'm inserting a little paypal button!
I attended a screening at The New York Film Festival. What fun. Divine Intervention, plus a Spike Lee rolled Joint.