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Friday, August 31, 2001

The Village Voice, SEPTEMBER 4, 2001 VOICE CHOICES page 83
"The Peter Dizozza Band
Not unlike the glee-club piano nerd from the old "Coke Is It" commercials imitating Daniel Johnston interpreting Trust-era Elvis Costello, musical-theatre parodist Dizozza unpacks his "song cycle" Pro-Choice on Mental Health. His carnival-rock group is serviceable in the same sense that a Holiday Inn poolside buffet is nourishing. Likable and touching because it's a turnoff to respectable alt-culture pills. With LP Funk, Duende, Nino Pinelli, and Toby Goodshank. Sidewalk Cafe, at 7:30. (McMurtrie)"

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Is it really so easy to post from this Long Island City library? I'm in the children's section, awaiting an eggplant parmagiane sandwich, and here it is, a place to sit down and write, surrounded by the classics. They have an entire paperback section dedicated to star trek. I knew someone who wrote one of those novelizations, David Spencer is his name. He's a lyricist, too. He was a critical participant in the Lehman Engel BMI Musical Theatre Workshop and I often think of him when I think of Adele Anroheim, which is when I see her. She's an excellent writer with a distinctive acting ability having quite a unique and emotive voice and a porcelina quality that reminds me now of that cryptic smashing pumpkins song that revitalized the word... So the minutes have passed. The sandwich has burned.