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Monday, January 15, 2007

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

Four people read from four copies of the same script and the drama was intensely and hilariously involving. A reading can be the height of theatre... I loved seeing the free reading of Augusta, by Richard Dresser, directed by M. Z. Ribalow at the Players Club (presented by the Players Playwrights Workshop in association with New River Dramatists). I'm writing this to urge the Mr. Dresser to arrange to see this cast working together.

Christopher Ceraso read the part of Jimmy; Patricia Randell, Molly; Laura Heisler, Claire, with Narrative by Rosalind Rita. The play's setting is immediately visualizable... A National Chain Service Provider employs the near-unemployable to clean mansions using the bureaucracy of a self-monitoring hierarchy (everyone pointing fingers at everyone else in a cutthroat climb to an imaginary top). A new supervisor's appointment of a cleaning crew team leader turns out to involve a team of two. The pettiness of the three-person power plays means that a near-cold reading of the script is probably the most effective way to present it.

The actors are perfectly cast, both individually and as an ensemble.

This is one of my favorite evenings at the theatre (memory accessible other two: Elizabeth Ashley, Kier Dullea and Fred Gwynn help perform Mr. Williams original "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" script at the Connecticut Stratford Theatre, Philip Bosco does Macheath at the outdoor Delacorte Public Theatre 2nd try of the 3P Opera). Thank you.