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Friday, November 11, 2005

Galapagos Introduces Sara Silverman... Not Catholic so she needn't feel guilt for her thoughts

On Wednesday, November 9th, they actually took two little 35mm projectors and showed her movie. It was a free screening so I can't complain that they only played the secondary soundtrack, which means you couldn't hear the words to the songs.

(Gene Stavis explained: "Undoubtedly they were playing the optical track and were unable to synch the digital tracks which are common today. Or, perhaps, the equipment they used was of an older type which does not properly reproduce a more modern red track.")

It has a great escalating opening from a drab apartment room to the big stage.

"American Airlines: First through the towers."
Ron Jeremy keeps his pinky out "'cause he's classy."

She takes cluelessness to the level of high art. As a narcissist, she has also mastered the art of expressing heartless compassion.

Despite her obvious capacity for empathy, she has one weakness, the desire for a pretty jewel that is only found on the tailbone of ethiopian babies.

We make fun of people we're not afraid of.

"I'm not racist, I speak facts. You can't smell yourself..."

And now, I keep returning to the following issue.... What is pornography?
Hem haw, I KNOW it when I see it.
She doesn't, thank heavens! A&E were cast from paradise not because they were naked but because they KNEW they were naked.
In other comedian news: Apologies to Robert Shapiro for my mistaking him for his brother, Rick on Monday by the 6th Ave Bus stop... SORRY! Jeez.

Then there's the wit & wisdom of the Drew Blood...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

From the point of view of Cupid, David Souter (GHW Bush USSC nominee, 1990) and Harriet Miers (GW Bush USSC nominee, 2005) were a match made in heaven.

On to other matters.

Oh, vote!

In very local news, the New York County District 60 voting machine at the Sirovich Center accepted four choices for Mayor.

I discovered this today at 10:00 AM while considering a vote for the "Rent Too High" party candidate for the position of Public Advocate. He was actually one of the candidates bunched in for Mayor.

The levers should lock after the maximum number have been pulled. They did for all the other choices.

I only voted for one Mayor, but I could have voted for four! I was actually inarticulately upset by this but did manage to convey the discovery to the pollers.

My getting upset tends to help no one, unless it is my intention to achieve the opposite result.

In more general local news, say good-bye to mechanical voting machines.

Do you suppose this evening will bring any election result surprises? I do not.

And thank you, New York 1, for last week's full week profile on "Top" Independent Party Member Fred Newman. What was the connection again?