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Friday, July 02, 2010

Re: SideWalk July 1st Schedule wow Last night at Webster
Posted by dizozza on 7/2/2010, 2:08 pm, in reply to "Re: SideWalk July 1st Schedule wow Last night at Webster"
There is a pristinely clear recording of our set last night -- of the invasion of the sound spectrum by four Steppes! was that 8 distinct sounds sources? at least... Thank you, Ben! The major moments for me as an audience member... Nan's song, How High Does Your Ceiling Go...beautiful! Nan's rapid performance nuances in her rap songs confirmed for the friends I was sitting with that they were in the presence of a unique and magical artist. And then Tanya O'Debra ran the spectrum of acting and singing, including the birth of Cher, The Bohemian Girl, with "Gypsies Tramps and Thieves," a major song and a personal favorite... THANK YOU! (I refer to it with reverence in our opening number, Almond Eyes...) Tanya, I will accompany you with live piano if you want. When is the next chapter? Sarah M-Kelly opened at the piano... with a sound of sarah mclaughlan in the air... That was Mike Hill's observation. My frame of reference is the song, " I can't make you love me..." yes? "Let's give them something to talk about!" no... Later that evening the science jerks gave an audio visual lecture on the thermodynamics of rock guitar/vocal... So a pretty wild program night with many suprise audience members. We had a reunion with Jean Free whom I hadn't seen in like 25 years...30? On facebook Jean alerted me with a quote from night of the living dead that he was coming in from I naturally thought another person at the bar earlier that night was Jean Free! and that person convincingly played along. I even acknowledged his father for helping establish the solo Michael Jackson venture for Epic records -- off the wall?... yes, i'm off the wall... He said, are you sure you remember me? I kept giving him more memories... like remember when we met Warhol backstage with The Clash... see I'm quite the name dropper... Oh boy... Anyway, I dedicate our show to the establishment of a long overdue federally funded banking program, Truth in Sarcasm... because there is... Peter Dizozza

SideWalk July 1st Schedule wow Last night at Webster
Posted by dizozza on 7/1/2010, 2:14 pm
Last Night in The Darkroom... Happy Birthday, Timothy! Now it's July 1st, your Steppes for the night are = Mike Hill Peter Dizozza Kat Yew Annie Levey At 9PM we're playing at SideWalk on a great bill and here it is: 8pm - Sarah Marzalek-Kelly 9-Peter Dizozza Mike Hill Annie Levey and Kat Yew (THE STEPPES) 10-Nan Turner (nan solo like hans) 10:45-Tanya O'Debra (reading the next installment of her CHER MUSICAL.) 11:30-The Science Jerks (chris anderson &co.- what will he do next?) STEPPES SET LIST We are the Drivers Someday Love Cinco de Mayo The Good Life Gone Away See Me Through Forgotten Cat Let Me Be (With You) Out of My Mind Straight for Your Heart PLUS SideWalk of New York Speak Low Bok Choi Plus special guest audience members, you!!! 94 Avenue A at East 6th Street 212-473-7373 don't you know... Peter 917-915-7635