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Thursday, November 09, 2006

I saw 54 televised minutes of Mel Gibson's Aramaic Passion Play before becoming completely disagreeable. I love the blue beginning and very much enjoyed seeing a soldier's torch add spectacular color to the blue. It was also a pleasure to welcome back the demons in the desert. I suppose they are always out there, waiting for our imaginations.

It is my recollection that the messiah is indeed supposed to be coming, if he hasn't come already, and many have claimed they were he... Sabattai Zevi is my favorite. What is this coming of the messiah? It accomplishes what? Given expectation of one, it is understandable that when one of us among us takes on the title for him or her self that we might become disillusioned and pissed off from the elevated hopes and inevitable disappointment.

Only the heights of salvation can achieve the depths of despair. Who else wants to claim messiah status? And remind me, what good will the messiah do again? Perhaps his or her coming will release the tension I feel compelling me to write this. Although Paul's success with Rome is undeniable, Mr. Gibson's film is a great reminder that Christianity is a sect of judaism.