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Sunday, February 01, 2004

The Turner Classic Movie Cable Station broadcasted the 1941 WB film, Dive Bombers
What about the smoking? Everyone in the film connects with a cigarette. Shockingly technicolor footage makes sense when the support of the us airforce is so apparent. The footage is authentic. The comraderie plays almost romantically. As always, Alexis Smith bears the brunt of female intervention. I'm not sure if she has any better outcome than in leaving the men to their own concerns, our concerns, our country's..., and turning for masculine attention to THE MARINES.

The airforce G tests have increased dramatically, but then, so have the physiques, thanks to what, less smoking?

The film's other female appearance is comic relief as one of the wives attempts to get her alimony and finding her husband in the sick room; eventually he must remain there after he's exposed there to someone with measles. His language-comedian friend has dinner with his wife, meeting her at the familiar apartment housing development she need only mention by name, the parker towers? Her outfits anticipate Marisa Tomei's in MCVinny.

According to the fine headline review of this film, which considers Flynn's possibly traitorous involvement, was it therefore not San Diego but rather Pennsicola Florida where the authentic air/naval base footage was shot?

A performance of Warner Publishing's "What's New" plays in the background during one of the neglect-the-woman-but-attend-to-their-lipstick-dispenser scenes. It is a beautiful green enameled gold lipstick dispenser.

My Diana attributes incremental technological advancements of the last 60 years to the alien visitation at Roswell. How else can we explain the computer chip?

Another good early airplane film, released eight years earlier in the wild 1930s when it was Howard Hughes running air traffic control: Flying Down to Rio.