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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hi, everyone accessible, I'm on another real estate adventure; I think there was one posted here previously... I think these postings are only searchable on my cinema vii mirror site... I'm not sure that this blog is searchable. I hope this posting is helpful to you. As my memory needs constant refreshing I can't begin to measure how helpful it is to me.

It all started March 4th, 1996, the date of death...Anyway, the first advice I have is what started this adventure... it's called "going public," and the public announcement is sent out via the filing of a tax lien on a property... Be aware of that event. Entrepreneurs, be sure to review those tax liens and investigate the status of the property for future foreclosure or for some other way of getting an interest in it.... The name of the case is NYCTL 1998 - 2 Trust vs. whomever... New York City sells their tax liens! Good idea. Popular purchasers of the uncollected debt have names like Expand Co (New Jersey) and JER (Connecticut) and these3 companies pursue collection which announces the property to the people looking at the tax lien listings and that's when the calls begin awakening interested parties... It may actually be possible to show the court caption to an elderly disabled interested party and buy up that party's interest for say... $1,000 now with the promise of more later at the option of the entrepreneur as the research continues and the value of the property becomes apparent. However, the interested party, the beneficiary of an estate, sees a lawsuit caption marked as follows: FORECLOSURE case, it looks like a big debt even though the amount of the lien could be quite small and the value of the property quite high... The awakened interested party sells, or agrees to sell, agrees to agree. The entrepreneur provides a service here in awakening distant heirs... Today is March 25th, 2009...