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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You've got to ask yourself, why am I publishing my innermost thoughts... is it because I myself can't even keep track of them, or that I can forget them once written?... anyway, all information is out there for the obtaining, and when the volume grows so great, the relevence is lost, unless we choose to be universal, in which case everything emenates from the oneness of us. I don't mean to be a tell tale tattler, but I'm not clueless, either. In general I want mutual awareness. Kundera said the only way to have intimate relationships is to maintain privacy and secrets, and of course my current status proves he's right.

Governor Patterson impressed me last night with his well-spoken speach for Judge Kaye. What an amazing circle is her career, why... why do you think...? She took over for Sol Wachtler, and Governor Patterson who will appoint her successor took over for Eliot Spitzer, and what do Wachtler and Spitzer have in common? They both were unable to reconcile their personal with their professional lives and resigned, and Judge Kaye walks in and out of chief judgeship in the wake of that. Who will be her successor?

Mayor Bloomberg also spoke, and aside from his humor about the gentleman civil servant, reminded us February 14th is his birthday and we'd better call him, all eight million three hundred thousand of us.