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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Anyone who enjoys accelerated storytelling has a fondness for cartoons, I suppose. "The Boy Who Would Be Queen," an episode of the Fairly Odd Parents cartoon is basically the premise of 2.2.2, Hermaphroditism Through the Ages. Both explore gender switching between couples of the opposite sex.

The cross-over of Fairly Odd likings includes skull crusher comics and goo goo love soaps. I turned on the TV show because the "Fairly Odd" term had already become part of my consciousness when it appeared in my short play about the retired electric train engineers... That play featured Rosa and David, a lovely couple.

The Fairly Odd cartoon episode included a brief voodoo moment of a girl in a mall ripping up another girl's photo and the other girl on a perhaps not too distant escalator, suddenly stricken as if by an invisible lightning bolt, i.e. suffering a stroke. (Strokes are thus named because suffering one is like being struck by lightning?)

In addition to turning the boy into a girl, the Odd Parents have to switch their own genders for the time, apparently at the whim of that boy; is he their son?

In the Fairly Odd Parents, oh it's a mutation of Grimm's fairy godmother...The two sexes with their two languages are called geeks and girls.

This morning I made a reverse discovery. I have another cartoon to credit (Porky in Wackyland inspired "The Last Dodo"), but this latest one is completely after the fact. I continue to write with broad strokes.

The execution of the basic idea is another step in the creative process.