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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome to the world of blogging... I saw Mac Rogers Hail Satan last night, tone perfect, plenty of writing on it in addition to in it. Such mixed feelings on the dry, light, unwaveringly satirical presentation. Here, from one comment (I think it is Mac's...)... "But a playwright who only writes plays like Ruins or Hail Satan is essentially telling lies by obscuring part of the truth, the truth that the human race is genuinely capable of compassion and empathy and companionship and the accumulation of wisdom. "

Keep up the good work. Yes, I want to see more. This material, engaging on a basic level, establishes your newer, better Omen series. Do you actually want to write more here? The source material is devries bible? (Anton LeVey's Satanic Bible) It's hard for me to distinguish the book from the play. Everyone did such a great job.

I'll write the sequel if you want...