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Sunday, August 16, 2009

EDIT of January 4th, 2010: I have expanded the short last sentences of this post.

Waking up in the early hours of the morning I turned on the TV and saw the end of The Pianist, a mostly silent journey through towns in spectacular states of destruction, before the arrival of the Russions. The closing credits feature a close up of a pianist playing what I thought was a concerto... it's a chopin polanaise for piano and orchestra. The first words spoken thereafter on this IFC channel were announcing an upcoming show... Someone in the ad asked, "Isn't masturbation a form of prayer?" reminding me of the play I'd seen earlier, Viral by Mac Rogers, a Gideon Production. Playwright Mac Rogers articulately takes his audience on a descent into a realm we'd never imagine entering. As it confronts someone's need for suicide, it addresses the state of mind of one who is there... In fact, I thought that state of mind would pervade into others, but no, it is unique to the one character, and the transformed character is a woman who grasps her own identity by rejecting the temptation of the soon-to-be-deceased. I so respect and admire the ambitous scope and risk of the work. Last year's Hail Satan was uniquely humourous in its conviction. Here again there is attention to boss helper domination, but the whole viral enterprise is so enobled that I was forced to confront my general confusion about suicide... The one thing I know in my life is that I'm going to die, so the need for acceleration escapes me. Our material presence exists as a blip in time, although I'm sure it's eternal in some other dimension...Moving right along to the standard fare that inspires me as I attempt a musical coherency for A Question of Solitude was the further return on TV of the Kubrick film, Lolita... You can turn to a Turner Classic movie on demand menu and press play... I always identify Lolita as containing the great example of a real time scene... the diary discovery into the car accident... Seeing th 20 mintues last night I remembered the forbidden nature of human attraction surpassing unhindered attraction. Then I thought, oh, yes, of course, Pianist Director Roman Polanski suffered some euro-ostracism in America for a collision similar to Humbert's... My exposure to Lolita was at an age of, well, 15. At for the quote from the IFC channel that "masturbation is a form of prayer," as it relates to the play, "Viral:" Viral addresses that the collective observation of an event (a suicide) can be achieved through the use of RECORDING EQUIPMENT. It announces a market for recordings documenting the passing from the body of life. The willing participant in a documented suicide is the gold mine. With not a hint of cancer or some other slow torture to rationalize the death decision, the decider decides on suicide... We confront the right to die against the right to life... Our presence or absence makes a great difference in the material world...

Monday, July 06, 2009

Just to change what has been my latest Michael Douglas blogpost, I'm writing now. The East Village was quiet over the 4th of July weekend because the fireworks moved to the west side, a great idea whose time has come, thanks to the anniversary celebration of Henry Hudson. The Hudson River is majestic; The East River is turbulant!

My minimal Time Warner Cable report for the weekend includes some thanks... The Sundance channel permitted an on demand broadcast of "The Man Who Fell to Earth and feel from grace and skimmed both his knees...

oh those days. I really went to the movies then. It was 1976, the 200th anniversary of Independence Day. I remember seeing Taxi Driver, The Fury and Carrie...

I was reading online the various biographies and descriptions of the great acting foursome, David Bowie, Candy Clark, Rip Torner and Buck Henry. My discovery this weekend (Aside from the possibility that the anxiety conveyed by David Bowie was real.) was the musical contribution of John Philips to the MWhoFTE soundtrack. Do you remember when a full length screening of that movie became available? I had already seen it a few times at two hours and loved what I saw... It lacked 20 extra minutes.

I acknowledge that the story of alien discovery and wonderment came to me, not by way of the 1963 novel, but through Alexander Keys' scholastic books publication, The Forgotten Door. Another movie broadcast this weekend was Escape to Witch Mountain, also based on a book by Alexander Keys, which also has a likeable cast.

I don't want to leave out from this litany of titles, The Wild-Eyed Boy from Free Cloud, a song by David Bowie.

The mob chases the alien to the mother ship, or the door, which is why I connect most with The Forgotten Door.

As for Nicholas Roeg and his hilarious casting, I still love the transition scene from space mission to the hidden hotel room. There's a fellow who dives in and lifts his wife out of the pool and onto the pool deck...I thought it was filmed in reverse, but it looks like he really did that.

Another great movie document broadcast on demand this weekend was Oshima's Cruel Story of Youth, an important telling of the doomed lovers' story. It is sad, as is the Man Who Fell to Earth, and equally colorfully vibrant. The Man Who Fell to Earth, though, at its most morose and awful, and it reaches uncharted depths, is just too much fun.

You know, Mr. Bowie got to work with Oshima on Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.

Well, I'm sure there are great movies coming out today... I'm just at least 20 years behind, and even when I do see them it's just as likely I will hate them. In fact, hating the movie experience tends to be a good indicator of how much I will love it later... The best recent example is There Will Be Blood.

I also saw a dvd of Orlando, which also plays with agelessness through the passage of time. I think that is a good barometer of the opposite level of cinematic dedication. Everyone can parade around, but if you want to see people in a movie, see The Man Who Fell to Earth...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It is helpful to keep track online. So on Monday a plane flew around downtown manhattan for purpose of having as a backdrop the statue of liberty. And it was a beautiful day... just buzzing around with a little jet satelliting it. Somehow that led into the ted kennedy gift of a dog... does this make sense? Everything's going to be fine.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hi, everyone accessible, I'm on another real estate adventure; I think there was one posted here previously... I think these postings are only searchable on my cinema vii mirror site... I'm not sure that this blog is searchable. I hope this posting is helpful to you. As my memory needs constant refreshing I can't begin to measure how helpful it is to me.

It all started March 4th, 1996, the date of death...Anyway, the first advice I have is what started this adventure... it's called "going public," and the public announcement is sent out via the filing of a tax lien on a property... Be aware of that event. Entrepreneurs, be sure to review those tax liens and investigate the status of the property for future foreclosure or for some other way of getting an interest in it.... The name of the case is NYCTL 1998 - 2 Trust vs. whomever... New York City sells their tax liens! Good idea. Popular purchasers of the uncollected debt have names like Expand Co (New Jersey) and JER (Connecticut) and these3 companies pursue collection which announces the property to the people looking at the tax lien listings and that's when the calls begin awakening interested parties... It may actually be possible to show the court caption to an elderly disabled interested party and buy up that party's interest for say... $1,000 now with the promise of more later at the option of the entrepreneur as the research continues and the value of the property becomes apparent. However, the interested party, the beneficiary of an estate, sees a lawsuit caption marked as follows: FORECLOSURE case, it looks like a big debt even though the amount of the lien could be quite small and the value of the property quite high... The awakened interested party sells, or agrees to sell, agrees to agree. The entrepreneur provides a service here in awakening distant heirs... Today is March 25th, 2009...