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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Oh, I see. Marry to be free because the heart only peaks out its little paws) feels free when it is in a place of emotional safety.

Goethe puts into the words of Werther, by way of Victor Lange's English translation, "He is so exceedingly anxious to justify himself that if he thinks he has said anything too precipitous or too general or only half true, he never stops qualifying, modifying and extenuating, till at last it appears he has said nothing at all."

It is time to revise a performance script of The Golf Wars.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

(from an email)
Diane Cluck is so imaginative and self-disciplined. My head is spinning.

"We spend 3/4s of the time apologising for the 1/4 of the time we're thoughtless..."

Monte Carlo creates a clarity moment in the midst of SUFFOCATING VACATION,

people acting like they own their companions during the time they are renting them,

clarity shared by everyone through an expressive act of communication.

At one point in the song she describes what she sees in real time.

From Matt I learned,
You can not heal what you cannot feel.
& Marry to be free, find yourself to be enslaved.

Monday, August 05, 2002

Am I mistaken or are the first words out of Elvis Costello, "Welcome to my working week. I know it don't thrill you. I hope it don't kill you. Welcome to my working week. you better do it 'til you're through it, so you better get to it." (?) It is good advice. Thank you, EC.

I dreamt I jumped from a plane into the water, and I broke my fall by intentionally riding the wind.

(The jawdroppingly colorful surfer movie from 1958, Slippery When Wet, gave some meaning to the comment, I have cable, because it was on last night and during a break from the surfing, the guys dove!)

Anyway, I landed and, once I was walking around my arms kept floating up above my shoulders, 'cause I was lighter than air.

I also dreamt of a drought that became apparent at the upper end of a lake, an inlet, that was grassy instead of watery.
I viewed it from a screened in porch attached to a ranch resort cabana that I was crashing for the food. ("Do you want any food?" Reaching for a paper towel, I dropped the paper towel dispenser that was over the sink which was adjacent to the bed. I dropped the paper towel dispenser on the bed!)
The porch was ancient and unused since its view was of a depressing reminder of the vital stream that once flowed there.
I attempted to open a window which crashed off its hinges onto the ground.
What was a window doing in a screened in porch?
Up above us was the hole of a mountain lake. It once held the water that overflowed through the stream that led to the valley lake.

I also dreamt I was driving nine people, two of whom were in the trunk, those two nearly forgotten as we collected ourselves following my driving the car off a bridge onto the embankment. When we finally remembered to open the trunk they were disheveled and drenched in sweat. I was attempting to drive everyone home...

This has been an odd night of irritation. "I'm dying of hunger and I'm dressed in shorts," yelled a passerby into a cellphone. The woman at the 2nd Ave. liquor store was losing her head arguing into the phone and at the fellow running the store with her. "I don't give a fuck about spending time with you and your friends." Has everyone decided to quit smoking at the same time?